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5 Signs & Symptoms of Leaky Gut

Auto Immune disorders are the fastest growing diseases plaguing Americans today! Many think that it is hereditary and there is nothing they can do about it; this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many times the immune system is set into overdrive mode leading to Auto Immune (AI from now on) disorder because of a damaged gut or intestinal lining. This condition could be the cause of your allergies, low energy, joint pain, skin problems, back pain and more.

In this article I will outline specifically how you can cure your leaky gut.

The Importance of Your Digestive Lining

Your intestines have more nerve endings than we ever thought; they actually call it the second brain! Their purpose is to break down food into small particles that can diffuse into the blood stream and be used for energy and healing. Your gut also serves as the biggest part of your immune system by keeping foreign things and things that can’t be used for healing out and good things in, its job is incredibly important.

When someone has a leaky gut, the digestive tract wall literally is damaged, which causes even bigger holes to develop in your gut lining, such that things that normally wouldn’t be able to pass through, now are. Some of the things that can now pass through include proteins like gluten, bad bacteria and undigested foods particles and such. It’s the guts job to break down food (let’s say a steak) into smaller and particles –> even smaller –> even smaller! –> whole proteins (big molecules) –> down to smaller parts (amino acids – ultimately what needs to pass through to blood to give you energy).  When the gut gets damaged from inflammation the openings in your gut get bigger and allow whole proteins to get through. The immune system is going to see that whole protein as a FOREIGNER that must be eradicated IMMEDIATELY! So basically the body sends the troops to the area to heal.(1)

leaky gut progression

This leads to inflammation throughout your entire system and can cause secondary conditions, such as:

  •   Psoriasis
  •   Low Energy
  •   Chronic Fatique
  •   Pain all over especially joints
  •   Unexplained Headaches
  •   Rosacea and acne
  •   Diarrhea 
  •   Depression….etc etc

LEAKY GUT whole body


If you are thinking you have leaky gut syndrome and looking to find healthy natural alternatives to standard medical treatment, you are in the right place. Most likely if you think you have this problem, you probably have multiple responses to certain foods that are unexplained. Maybe you used to be able to drink red wine (contains histamines) but now you do and your eyes get red, you get extremely tired and you don’t even have enough energy to go out at night like you used to. You probably think, “if I could just get a couple nights solid sleep I would feel better.” But you go and get that sleep and you still wake up tired. This is a sign of leaky gut syndrome and there are natural healthy solutions for it. Bottom line is, proteins that should be getting digested before entering your bloodstream, are not.

This allergic response doesn’t mean your face will blow up like Will Smith’s did in the movie Hitch. 

On a chronic, longer term basis, this leaky guy phenomenon can lead to severe health issues like eczema(2), psoriasis(3), inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, depression, anxiety, headaches, muscle pain and chronic fatigue.

It is often stated that type 1 diabetes results from a complex interplay between varying degrees of genetic susceptibility and environmental factors. As we know, Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in America today. We have to learn how to prevent this terrible disease by preventing and reversing leaky gut syndrome. Even the Journal of Diabetes agrees there is evidence pointing to “leaky gut” as a major cause of Type 1 Diabetes which is considered an AI disease.(4)

Another problem with leaky gut is that it can cause malabsorption of vital minerals and nutrients including zinc and iron, which can lead to skin problems and fatigue.

What Causes Leaky Gut?

There are 4 main causes of leaky gut which include:

  •   Diet of Refined Carbs, hydrogenated fats, and toxic animal protein
  •   STRESS, whether it be Physical, Chemical or Emotional
  •   Toxic overload: Stress + S.A.D Diet + No Sleep + Constant worry 
  •   Gut Bacterial imbalance 

The most common components of food that can damage your intestinal lining are: GLUTEN, SUGAR, GMO’s, and conventional dairy.


Gluten – commonly found in wheat, barley, rye, kamut and spelt.  One of the top gluten researchers Kenneth Fine as predicted up to 81% has a gluten allergy.  And one of the key things it does is it damages the gut and when the gut is damaged it’s going to affect the brain.  So protein molecules are going to seep into to the bloodstream and end up in the brain and cause chronic inflammatory problems. As part of healing your gut, try to stay away from unsprouted grains too.

Another major toxin for the gut and brain is sugar. A 2003 study in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people’s memories are harmed by poor blood sugar metabolism.  In fact, Alzheimer’s disease is called “Diabetes” of the brain because there’s poor blood sugar signaling and it leads to major inflammatory stress. Sugar will feed the growth of yeast (candida albicans), which is extremely hard to get rid of once it takes over your gut.

A glass of Conventional cow’s milk contains acidic animal protein that leaches calcium from the bones, pus cells, bovine growth hormone, feces, antibiotics, and a whole lot of unnecessary fat, cholesterol and calories — all of which create a terrible imbalance in the body. Choose coconut milk, Almond milk, Hemp milk, or Flax milk instead.

4-Step Plan to Heal Leaky Gut

  1. Remove foods and toxic lifestyle behaviors that we have talked about. Medications also!
  2. Replace with superfoods 
  3. Repair with time, diligence, and supplements such as enzymes, omega 3, probiotics…etc 
  4. Reinoculate with probiotics.


The Number One BEST food for Healing Your Digestive Tract                  

Gut-Healing Broth Recipe


1 organic whole chicken
8 c of water
6 stalks of celery, chopped in half inch pieces.
1 yellow onion, chopped in cubes
1 head of garlic
Fresh parsley about a palms worth
1 inch fresh graded knob of ginger
1 tbsp of pink himalayan salt


Place all of the above ingredients in a crockpot and cook on low heat for about 10 hours. You’ll know its done with the meat literally falls off the bones. Store excess in freezer to enjoy at a later time.