Neck Pain going down the arm?

Neck Pain going down the arm?

If you’re on a mobile device for prolonged periods of the day, then this position may be familiar to you: arms bent by your side, your neck is flexed to your chest, your back hunch is profound, you’re stopped at a red light and you look down at your phone at every red light, maybe you’re even texting in bed and have a big pillow under your neck


The position you’re in is probably causing pain, whether you’re aware of it yet or not. The diagnosis, “TEXT NECK”!

First the threat of blackberry thumb. Then the risk of cancerous tumors from cell phone exposure. And today adolescents and middle aged folks are facing the latest threat, “text neck”!

Otherwise known as “Anterior Head Syndrome”, text neck has caused many mobile users to report headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle aches, and hand pain.

If the neck is stretched forward for a long enough time – as is the case for teenagers who hunch over their phones sending thousands of texts a month, or students spending countless hours studying looking down at their desks, or driving where your head is never on the headrest – the natural curvature in the neck could potentially reverse, causing a myriad of secondary conditions such as headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, mid back and low back pain

In the poster on the left, the first sketch (top-left) represents “NORMAL” structure of the spine. The graphic on the right demonstrates the progression of Anterior Head Syndrome (AHS) and the resultant posture. The progression of degeneration is not a normal variant of aging or genetics, this is a disease of lifestyle and is completely preventable in most cases.

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