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Top 5 Recommendations for Parents

How much does your child’s backpack weigh when they head off to school in the morning? Do you know? It’s okay if you don’t. The truth is that most parents don’t know but you need to. A backpack weighing more than 15% of your child’s bodyweight can damage they developing spines.

1) If your child is not under regular wellness chiropractic care, check your child’s shoulder and head level at least once a month to determine if they are showing signs of Forward Head Syndrome. A family chiropractor who is trained to detect the early signs can let you know. Like anything, early detection is so important!

2)Weigh your child’s backpack once a week to determine if it’s withing the safe range of 15% or less of your childs body weight

3) Continue weekly reminders that wearing the backpack on both shoulders prevents postural problems

4) Check the backpack straps for proper shoulder placement, making sure that the bottom of the backpack is 2″ above the waist and resting in the curve of the low back

5) Every Sunday empty out your child’s backpack and throw out anything that doesn’t need to be there.